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SportsBetting Casino: General Information
Closed In 2021
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SportsBetting Casino is among the operators that have quit the United Kingdom market. Consequently, they have limited access to British players. While this paints a bleak picture, there’s no use in losing sleep over it. There is no shortage of American casino sites for UK players. We encourage our readers to take advantage of these resources.

We have made things easier by compiling all the required information on this page. That is why we assist them in picking the right establishments. We have compiled a list of decent operators to use instead. With our numerous years of experience in the industry, we have chosen the best sites. Below are the reasons to avoid SportsBetting Casino and join better firms.

Factors Hindering Your Experience at SportsBetting Casino

SportsBetting Casino is a popular brand well-known worldwide. While some players are proponents of the site, it is still one that has defected when it comes to customer experience. Plenty of displeasing issues is associated with the platform. These are part of the reason why transitioning to a more palatable option is better. For clarification here are some of the issues faced by users.

Limited Range of Game Providers

In the iGaming industry, it is not uncommon for casinos to hold exclusive games. However, the case with SportsBetting Casino is very different. They simply have an extremely limited range when it comes to game providers. The problem is that most often the games will be less competitive with a less than stellar RTP percentage. Gambling software providers are needed to increase gaming variety.

Withdrawal Fees When not Using Crypto

Withdrawal problems are always a bane for all gamblers. This is especially true for UK players who have to contend with conversion fees. Also, not all users are interested in gambling with cryptocurrency. In the case of taking out money from the casino, using other forms than a crypto wallet, then a fee is attached to this action. Depending on the method and amount, this can be anywhere from $45 to 3%.

No Popular eWallets Supported

The simple truth is, most UK players are more versed with e-wallets than crypto. Yes, joining a crypto site often means that customers are familiar with this transacting mode. However, accommodating the diverse needs for depositing and withdrawing is also important. In this vein, the lack of popular e-wallets is not ideal. Banking options should include commonly used gambling e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

UI Design Looks Outdated

These days online casinos need to showcase their design flair to be more attractive to potential customers. This is what SportsBetting lacks. It has a very outdated-looking user interface, which gives the impression of a spammy site. It’s not about uniformity, but about the overall impression, players get when they arrive on the site. Ease of use and intuitive navigation along with aesthetics go a long way in creating a lasting impression.

Top US-based Casinos Similar to

Understandably, some players are still interested in SportBetting as a platform. This, in turn, results in the search for US-based sites that will cater to this need. True, there are things worthy of note in the gambling den. And in that same spirit of sharing, we have online casinos that are regulated and provide the right entertainment milieu. Take a look below.

SportsBetting Casino: Questions & Answers

Has SportsBetting Casino stopped operating for good?

No, SportsBetting Casino hasn’t fully stopped operating. It’s still open to players from the US and other countries. This is why it is not totally off the market and functions as a US-based site. UK users, especially those interested in being new customers, aren’t accepted by them anymore. Brit gamblers are best served by more adequate sites that have them at the core of the processes.

What if I already had a SportsBetting Casino account?

Nothing happens if you already have a SportsBetting Casino account. So, no need to worry, if the site fits whatever gambling pleasure you enjoy. Operations continue as normal, but you can still contact customer support if you are concerned. The onus of closure applies solely to those UK players who wish to sign up, now. New British customers aren’t being accepted.

As a UK citizen, can I play at other US casinos legally?

Yes, as a UK citizen, US casinos can be accessed without any legal ramifications. With that, you are free to legally gamble on these platforms, as long as they accept players from Britain. Ensure the currency conversion is not going to pose a problem for you. As long as you don’t mind that they operate using dollars instead of sterling, then you should be good to play.

Where can I find other American casinos that provide their services to UK players?

Visit our website to find other American casinos that provide their services to UK players. Here on this site, we hold different casinos, which are appropriate for all gamblers. Our priority is to make sure, clients find the perfect casinos for themselves through us. The best thing users can register using the link on our site to gain direct access to their chosen casino.

Are there any alternatives for SportsBetting Casino that you could recommend?

There are alternatives for SportsBetting Casino for UK players. Vegas Casino and Paradise 7 Casino are two that come highly recommended. Their systems are in place with easy signup, and no extra fees or charges for transactions. Timely withdrawals for winnings make them the ideal real-money casino sites. This is further enhanced by an extensive gaming library to meet most players’ gambling tastes.

Other American Casinos that UK Players Are Restricted from

While American casinos are appealing in their offerings, they are those that simply aren’t suited to meet the needs of British gamblers. Since SportsBetting Casino doesn’t operate in the UK market anymore, it’s in the player’s vested interest to know supplementary platforms of similar prohibition. It saves the woe of finding out later. As you are already here, let’s hazard a glance at other avoidable platforms.