SENSE Self-Exclusion Scheme

Sense Self Exclusion Scheme

Gambling is enjoyable and entertaining when you do it responsibly. If you ever need help controlling your gaming urges, you can use responsible gambling tools, such as the SENSE self-exclusion scheme. In this guide, we explore SENSE, its key benefits, and even how to access it.

SENSE Self-Exclusion: the Basics

SENSE, which stands for Self-Enrollment National Self-Exclusion, is a program designed to protect British casino players and help control their gaming urges. If you feel you are losing control of your betting habits and want to stop yourself from playing at a land-based casino, you can register for this scheme.

Your options are to enrol with the help of a downloadable Application Form or in person at any participating land-based casino if you prefer a personal touch. The main feature of SENSE is self-exclusion from these brick-and-mortar casinos, and once you register, you won’t be able to place bets at any licensed casino for at least six months.

How to Activate a SENSE Self-Exclusion Period

Registering for the SENSE self-exclusion period is relatively easy, but we created a step-by-step guide to lead you through it. Here’s how you can sign up for this self-exclusion program:

  1. Go to a participating casino or download the Application Form.
  2. Fill out the Application Form with all of your details.
  3. To confirm your identity, you’ll need to provide a scanned copy of an official ID document, a bill with your address, and a selfie from the shoulders up.
  4. Hand the application and the copies to the casino manager or mail them to [email protected].

SENSE vs GamStop: Comparative Analysis

While SENSE and GamStop share some important similarities, they also differ in many significant ways, which we explore here.

As impressive as GamStop is in its online self-exclusion reach, there are still many casino sites without GamStop that you can join online, along with many land-based casinos where you can continue betting even while on self-exclusion. On the other hand, SENSE can protect you only from licensed land-based casinos, not those operating without UKGC approval.

The registration for GamStop is exclusively online, and you can complete it on the GamStop website directly. For SENSE, you’ll need to download and fill out an application form you’ll send via email or go to a licensed land-based casino in person.

SENSE has a 6-month default self-exclusion period; however, the self-exclusion will continue after that time unless you request to be taken off the list. GamStop, however, allows you to choose between 6 months, one year, and five years when registering for self-exclusion.

SENSE Self-Exclusion Advantages

SENSE is a simple and effective way to protect yourself from losing control of your casino betting habits. Here are the most significant benefits of signing up for this self-exclusion scheme:

  • Remote and in-person registration.
  • The sign-up process is quick and player-friendly.
  • The self-exclusion period automatically extends itself unless you end it.
  • There is no limit to how much time you can extend.
  • It covers all land-based casinos with a UKGC licence.

FAQ: Common Questions About SENSE

What is the default SENSE self-exclusion period?

The SENSE self-exclusion period lasts six months, which is also your only option when registering with this scheme. After it runs out, you can either let it stay active or deactivate it with a formal request that you deliver in person or via email.

Can I end my self-exclusion before 6 months run out?

You can’t end your self-exclusion with SENSE before the end of 6 months. Before you opt for this player-protection tool, ensure you are confident with your decision because you can’t deactivate it during the self-exclusion period.

Are there any SENSE registration costs?

No. SENSE is an entirely free responsible gambling scheme that you can access at any time as a British punter. The registration is free of charge, regardless of whether you do it virtually or in person.

Can I use SENSE outside of the UK?

No, you cannot. SENSE is a UK-centric self-exclusion scheme that only applies to land-based casinos licensed by the UKGC. You can play at any foreign land-based casinos even while on SENSE’s self-exclusion since this scheme has no influence over offshore facilities.

Can I extend my self-exclusion period?

Absolutely! The SENSE scheme is designed so that your self-exclusion period goes on until you send in a written request to end it. However, if you want to extend it beyond six months, you can request an extension for the time you feel comfortable with.

Alternative Responsible Gambling Programmes for British Players

SENSE may be the go-to self-exclusion scheme for land-based British casino players, but it is just one of multiple responsible gambling programmes available. If you want to make sure you are completely covered, look into these schemes as well: