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Mostro Casino: General Information
Closed In 2023
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Mostro Casino used to be of the best American casinos where British customers could play. It remained trendy for a long time, but recently, it was shut down. The casino’s official website is no longer active, so many of its former customers faced a problem of searching for USA casinos that are accepting UK players. Knowing this, we have developed a brief but valuable guide for those looking for alternatives to Mostro Casino.

Known Shortcomings of Mostro Casino

Although Mostro Casino has been one of the most popular and frequently visited gaming sites in the US, there are other noteworthy casinos as well. They are not as famous yet but have features that are in many ways better, especially regarding security, money withdrawal, bonuses, and the wide choice of games that can be enjoyed. As for the Mostro casino’s disadvantages, the most noticeable among them include the following items.

Identity Checks Before Payouts

First of all, you cannot withdraw your winnings unless you undergo meticulous security-related procedures. This is not a problem on its own, because identity checks are necessary to prevent scam. However, while there are many casinos that don’t make you subject to these security measures right before withdrawal, Mostro does not let you cash out unless you show them your ID.

No Cashing Out to Credit Cards

There are many casinos in the US that do not accept credit card payments and do not pay out the winnings on credit cards. Unfortunately, Mostro is one of them, which greatly undermines the gaming experience for those players who use their credit cards actively. Unless you do not want to figure out how cryptocurrencies work and don’t like to keep a bunch of eWallets, you should probably look for a different casino.

All Bonuses Work via Promo Codes

Usually, casinos grant new users with bonuses right after the registration. These bonuses are extremely easy to use – you just click a button to claim a bonus, and that’s it. Instead, Mostro Casino provides you with a promo code that you need to input in the live chat window. Then, you wait until a support team member activates the bonus for you. In our opinion, there could be a more convenient way of activating the bonuses.

Withdrawals Can Take Up to 72 Hours

Finally, the possibility of withdrawing the money within 72 hours from the time of request stands out. Mind that this is just the time during which the withdrawal request is processed, and add the time potentially required by the bank to make the transaction (of course, it depends on the bank, but still).

Other Casino Sites In the USA to Try Out Instead of Mostro

If you are looking for the best American alternatives to Mostro Casino, we have prepared a list of safe and popular platforms that offer the same benefits. Furthermore, these sites offer customers extra benefits, including lower commissions, various bonuses, and even a very advanced, timely, and accurate customer support service. Without forgetting the incredible ease of use, these casinos have been made with an eye on intuitiveness. Here they are:

Popular Questions Caused by Mostro’s Shutdown

How come Mostro Casino has ceased to function?

Unfortunately, we do not know why this happened. We know the site was closed for one day, so the casino could not provide its services. The closure of Mostro was also confirmed by representatives of Mostro, who stressed that the casino was no longer active and had been closed.

What about the winnings Mostro players accumulated on their accounts?

As far as we know, before the closure, Mostro Casino informed its customers of the decision to close its doors. For this reason, players still had enough time to withdraw money from their accounts. Therefore, we can assume that the players successfully withdrew their earnings accumulated over the years.

As a former Mostro casino customer from the UK, can I legally play at other US casinos?

Yes, there are no regulations or laws prohibiting gamblers who are UK residents from playing abroad. Therefore, all British gamblers can play not only in casinos in the United States but also in casinos in other countries in Europe, Asia, or Latin America.

Are there any other good American casino sites like Mostro?

Yes, the choice of alternatives to Casino Mostro is enormous and varied. You can give your attention to several particular solutions, including the ones we have listed above. Please have no hesitation in browsing our site to find out which platforms can be a viable alternative to Mostro.

What American casinos would you recommend to try out?

If you are looking for tips on the best casinos to try as a viable alternative to Mostro, you can turn your attention to platforms such as Nevada 777 or Lady Aida. These are unique solutions, designed down to the last detail and characterised by high quality level. Both sites offer customers a large selection of games and other advantages.

Other US Casinos That British Players Cannot Use Anymore

Casino Mostro is not the only establishment that has become impossible for UK players to visit, as other gaming platforms have shut down or restricted access to UK residents. The good news is that these are still sites with numerous alternatives, many of them with better technical features. Still, here is the list of other US casinos closed for British players.