How to Get Around Bet365 Self-Exclusion

How to Get Around Bet365 Self-Exclusion

Did you decide to get a pause from gambling? Do you feel like it’s time to start betting again, but you don’t know how to remove self-exclusion on Bet365? No worries! Bet365 is a reputable betting site that promotes responsible gaming. Recognizing the fact that gambling can be addictive, they offer players self-exclusion as an option to fight it. Although you cannot remove it, you can still get around self-exclusion Bet365 in a couple of ways.

The self-exclusion period can last between 6 months and five years. You will decide how long you need to stay away from betting and gambling. Once you activate it, you cannot remove it. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find another way to bypass the Bet365 exclusion scheme. In fact, there are a few tested ways to do it. As always, we got your back and will break them down for you below. Please, stay away from these methods if you are a problem gambler.

1. Join Other Bookmakers (Bet365 Alternatives)

One of the best ways to get around self-exclusion is to find an alternative that offers similar services. Bet365 operates since 2000 and has a solid reputation. But, if you need another option, there are many other offshore online betting sites you can choose from.

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2. Create a Family Account at

Another effective way to bypass self-exclusion is by registering a new account with a different name. Bet365 doesn’t allow online betting without verification. Hence, make sure the new account is in no way connected to the previous one. Otherwise, the operator will block it immediately.

3. Visit Betting Shops

Betting shops enjoy everlasting popularity because they allow players to place bets in a matter of minutes. While you’re waiting for the self-exclusion period to end, you can check out some of the new independent bookmakers. However, this may be a hassle if you don’t like leaving your home.

4. Wait When Bet365 Self-Exclusion Period Ends

In case you don’t like any other option of getting around self-exclusion, you can always wait for it to end. After the cooling-off period, contact the Bet365 call centre to re-activate your account. Wait for their confirmation, and after that, you’ll be able to access your account without restrictions.

Bet365 Self-Exclusion FAQ

What is the best way to get around Bet365 self-exclusion?

It depends on the players’ preference. Registering with an alternative betting site seems like a reasonable choice. But still, it’s up to you to decide which of the four available options suits you best in order to cancel GamStop self-exclusion. You can try joining offshore operators, visiting land-based betting shops, and some other strategies.

How to find out when the Bet365 self-exclusion period ends?

When you’re setting up self-exclusion, you can choose between 6 months, one year, three years, and five years. That way, you will know precisely when it will be over to remove it. Otherwise, you shouldn’t hope for any notifications about this.

How to get around Bet365 GamStop exclusion?

To bypass Gamstop self-exclusion, we would recommend you to be patient and wait for the end of the self-exclusion. Registering a new account under a different identity is also a possible option if you don’t want to wait for months. Still, this isn’t recommended to problem gamblers.