Non-GamStop Gambling Sites Don’t Pay Out: What to Do?

Non GamStop Gambling Sites Don't Pay Out: What to Do?

Did you win at the online casino but haven’t received your winnings yet? One common nightmare for online players is when the casino doesn’t pay their winnings. Unworthy casinos not on GamStop may not guarantee to disburse your winnings after a successful run at the casino. Here’s a breakdown of what to do when this happens to you.

Possible Reasons Why Non GamStop Casinos Do Not Pay Out

Some non GamStop casinos don’t pay out players’ winnings for various reasons. Understanding these reasons is essential for a smooth experience with the specific online casino. Here are various reasons why most non GamStop casinos don’t pay their winnings to players:

Withdrawing below the minimum payout limit

Most online casinos have a minimum withdrawal limit for each transaction. Hence, a player must meet the minimum requirements before making a withdrawal request. Therefore, it is important to read through the terms and conditions of the online casino.

Not providing all of the essential documents

Part of the procedures at non-GamStop casinos is completing the KYC process before withdrawal. This is a way the online casino verifies your identity.

Essential documents to complete the KYC process include official documentation such as ID, passport, or driving license. Also, there’s a need for proof of evidence such as utility bills, physical address, or bank statements.

Violating the casino’s terms & conditions

Each casino sets its terms & conditions for players when signing up at the online casino. Hence, reading through the T&Cs before signing up is highly recommended. Check whether the wagering requirements are favourable or not.

You played on a fraudulent casino site

The online gambling space is bubbling with new casinos offering different products for players. Unfortunately, fraudulent casino sites are popping up and exploiting unsuspecting players. Therefore, check whether a reputable online gambling regulation authority licenses your preferred online casino. Read online reviews and testimonials to check the validity of the specific online casino.

Casino software malfunctioning

Some non-GamStop casinos may face issues regarding their software that cause glitches with the payment system. Moreover, bugs or errors might affect the casino software and disrupt the payout process. Technical issues might affect the payout system. However, you can avoid such problems by working with a reputable non GamStop casino that works with a reputable software provider.

Steps to Take When a Casino Does Not Return Your Winnings

If you haven’t received your winnings from the online casino, don’t panic! This is a common problem that happens even with established online casinos. Below is a step-by-step guide to take when facing a similar situation:

Study the Casino’s T&Cs and EULA

Most online casinos have a systematic approach to resolving this issue. Begin by carefully analyzing the casino’s terms and conditions (T&Cs) and End User License Agreement (EULA). These documents contain rules and regulations for governing the casino’s operations. Pay close attention to sections related to withdrawals, winnings, and other requirements or conditions imposed on players.

Quickly review the withdrawal procedures, processing times, and related fees. The T&Cs clearly outline the specific requirements for users to cash out winnings. Moreover, check for any clauses related to dispute resolution regarding both T&Cs and EULA.

Read Through the Casino’s Complaint Policies

The next step is reading through the casino’s complaint policies set by the casino operator. The casino’s complaint policies dictate the procedures to take when failing to withdraw your winnings at the casino.

Please browse the casino’s complaint policies while checking the timelines and procedures outlined at the specific online casino. Each casino comes with specific timeframes that raise concerns about your unpaid winnings.

Moreover, be aware of the procedural steps taken to submit complaints. The casino will provide contact details for their customer support or a dedicated complaints department. These communication channels provide the perfect avenues to report the issue systematically.

Take Screenshots Every Time After Winning

The reporting process needs evidence on your end when filing reports with the complaints department. One sure way to produce evidence after failing to withdraw your winnings from the online casino is by taking screenshots after every winning.

Screenshots serve as concrete evidence after every successful win at the online casino. Compile all screenshots from the online casino that serve as documentation for resolving disputes. Ensure the screenshots contain vital details such as your name, timestamps, ID, or game outcomes. It provides tangible evidence to help the customer department process your winnings.

Address Your Issue to the Right Instance

Remember to address the issue promptly immediately after your withdrawal request fails. Start by identifying the right channel to resolve the matter. Start by raising your issues with customer support while providing details about the incident.

If customer support isn’t resolving the matter urgently, it’s time to raise it to third-party casino resolution sites. You are seeking contact information about these third-party casino resolution sites to process your request further.

Also, you can contact the licensing and regulating body to file your case. Attach any supporting documents to back up your complaint.

Follow the Dispute Resolution Process Till the End

Lastly, remember to follow through with the dispute resolution process until needed. Ensure compliance with the customer department, casino management, third-party resolution sites, and the governing licensing body. These third parties will take this complaint further for further assessment.

Find more information about the casino for further assessment by third parties. Ensure that the complaint filed is formal and outlines details about the problem. Attach any relevant documents to support your complaint case. These third parties are in charge of ensuring ethical and fair play for registered online casinos.


How can I tell if a Non GamStop site is legitimate or a scam?

The best way to tell whether a Non GamStop site is legitimate or a scam is by browsing through the website and checking whether it’s safe to play or legitimate. Moreover, ensure the online casino is licensed and regulated by relevant online authority.

Can I take any legal action against a Non GamStop site for non-payment?

Yes. If the above steps don’t help resolve your complaint and receive your winnings, you can take a step further and use the online casino.

Is it more difficult to receive winnings at non-GamStop casinos?

There isn’t a correlation between receiving winnings at non-GamStop casinos. However, check whether you violated any terms and conditions at the specific casino. This might force GamStop to withhold your winnings.