NetNanny Review

netnanny software review

Are you spending more time than you should at online casinos? Are gambling and betting always on your mind? If so, it seems that you need to invest in gambling blocking software and take a break. After reading all NetNanny reviews, our team of iGaming experts has decided to test this platform too.

We discovered a top-quality solution for people with someone to manage the software for them. Plus, NetNanny is a product that has the power to stop non Gamstop UK casinos and Gamstop bookies. It helps problem gamblers deal with this serious issue with powerful filtering tools. Yet, it does underperform in some areas too.

If you want to learn what we have discovered, keep reading our honest NetNanny review. For this article, we tested all the critical features of the software. Thus, enabling our readers to:
  • Learn how the platform helps towards problem gambling prevention;
  • Discover the main pros of using NetNanny;
  • Find out the most severe drawbacks of the software;
  • Determine whether it’s possible to bypass the platform;
  • Explore some reliable NetNanny alternatives & FAQs;

How does NetNanny Work?

Get NetNanny to filter the internet, block adult content, and prevent yourself from accessing EU casinos. The platform covers 14 categories of potentially risky and hurtful content. Plus, it sends alerts and notifications to admins when users try to access such content.

Thanks to the NetNanny Family Feed, admins also get access to the history of blocked sites users tried accessing.

Pros of NetNanny

Using NetNanny comes with many advantages. As a tool for fighting gambling addiction, the platform performs fantastically. It has filters that restrict all iGaming-related content while letting you access other stuff on the internet. In this regard, it outperforms compared to. For example, GamBlock causes headaches to video gamers as it won’t allow them to access any “gaming” content.

  • Available on all desktop and mobile platforms. It’s always good to be able to protect all your devices. iGaming is available on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. So, unless you can cover them all, it’s pretty pointless getting a content blocker on a single device. Luckily for NetNanny users, the platform supports a wide range of products for Android and iOS users.
  • Gambling blocker + parental control tool. When you invest in NetNanny, you actually get two products for the price of once. Besides being a gambling blocker, it also functions like a parental control tool. In fact, the product started as parental control software. Afterward, it introduced the ContentWatch NetNanny.
  • The most powerful filtering. Any list featuring the best parental control and website blocking solutions includes NetNanny. The software offers the most robust filtering tools on the market. Even though admins can turn these filters off, NetNanny still deserves praise for them. So, if you look for reliability, the platform will deliver.

Cons of NetNanny

Nothing is perfect. So, it’s completely understandable that NetNanny comes with several drawbacks, as well. First, we’d like to point out that the software isn’t created specifically for helping problem gamblers.

As a result, it comes with robust filtering tools but lacks the strictness. Users can remove NetNanny altogether or simply disable some filters, which defeats its purpose.

  • The most expensive among all blockers. Getting the simplest version of NetNanny costs $39.99 per year. Since there are some free solutions alongside cheaper options, this may be too expensive. Plus, the most affordable plan is for one Windows or Mac desktop only. It doesn’t include multiple devices and smartphones.
  • No new updates. Lots of non UK casinos hit the market each month. Plus, there are constant innovations when it comes to iGaming. Still, NetNanny doesn’t offer any updates to tackle these novelties. This places it in a bad position when compared to competitors like BetFilter and BetBlocker.

How to Bypass NetNanny?

Unlike tools designed to fight problem gambling such as Gamban and GamBlock, NetNanny is more of a parental control solution. As a result, it’s easy for adults to bypass the software and access gambling content.

It’s even possible to completely uninstall and remove NetNanny by yourself if you’re the admin or a tech guy. A simple unchecking of the gambling filter will enable access to such content.

NetNanny Alternatives

NetNanny is amazing at accomplishing its primary goals. Still, this solution may be too expensive for problem gamblers. Especially for those with debt. Plus, the software has no new updates. Meaning, it doesn’t upgrade to follow the latest iGaming trends and hence appropriately fight them.

As a result, some players may want to get alternative ways on how to ban all gambling sites in the UK. Read further to discover the most popular ones.

  1. Gamban. Would you like a single product to limits your access to a plethora of potentially risky destinations? If so, check our Gamban review. This platform restricts online casinos, betting websites, trading destinations, and offshore betting sites. Gamban costs £24.99 per year and supports both desktop and mobile devices.
  2. BetBlocker. BetBlocker is free and doesn’t come with any ads on it. This solution is fully funded by an iGaming dispute resolution service and, so, free for users. The software provides both parental control and website blocking. BetBlocker app supports desktop (Windows, Mac) and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire).
  3. BetFilter. Popular and cheap software for fighting gambling addiction and problem gambling. BetFilter for Android and iPhone is the only product that includes free gambling AdBlocker. You can get it for $69.95 per year the cheapest. It works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
  4. Gamblock. This may not be the best alternative to NetNanny. Customers have complained about slow support and glitches. Anyway, Gamblock is a gambling and betting prevention software that works on various devices. It comes in several Premium Plans, with the cheapest being $191.95 (around £145) per year.

NetNanny FAQs

Does NetNanny have a trial period?

No. NetNanny doesn’t offer a free trial or product demo to customers. Gamban remains the only iGaming blocking software with a free trial for now.

Why isn't NetNanny working?

There are two most common issues with NetNanny not working. The first is your device’s operating system. NetNanny won’t work on unsupported versions of your OS. Disabled cookies and/or JavaScript are the second.

What sites can I block with NetNanny?

NetNanny blocks gambling, tobacco, weapons, pornography, and nudity. Also, all other sites are deemed inappropriate for children.