Is GamStop Just Online?

Is GamStop Only Online

GamStop is a UKGC fixture at online casinos designed to help stop and prevent gambling addiction amongst UK players. Moreover, all UK platforms need to collaborate with this service in order to receive the UKGC license. It is true that GamStop works only online, which might make you wonder if you are still vulnerable to gambling habits.

That brings the question about what is GamStop, exactly? You might also wonder whether it can prevent you from wagering at land-based casinos. To find answers to all of these questions and much more, take a deep dive into this guide provided by our team of experts.

Is GamStop Just Online or It Can Block Land-Based Casinos, Too?

While out-of-control gambling habits at land-based casinos are a legitimate concern, they are not the reason this service exists. The GamStop just for online casinos rule means that you can only rely on this program to prevent you from accessing online gaming sites. Ergo, GamStop is not applicable to land-based casinos.

GamStop doesn’t affect casinos not on GamStop, as they don’t collaborate with the program. So, if you feel like you have a gambling problem, you should be wary of both land-based establishments and non-GamStop sites.

Is GamStop Efficient Only for Online Casino Players?

GamStop is only online-operational, which means that its efficiency begins and ends with online gaming platforms for Brits. This program exists so that you can feel secure and protected from falling into bad gaming habits while browsing and playing online.

Of course, this online player-protection tool is not omnipotent, which means that there are several different ways to bypass GamStop. That way, even if you are actively registered with the program, you can access online casinos and place wagers on your favourite online games.

However, this is not advised, especially for those that have or are developing a gaming problem. Online gambling is designed to be fun, so if you opt for a GamStop exclusion, make sure you stick to it.

GamStop and Other Online Games

In its basis, GamStop is just an online tool designed to block your access to online betting sites for a period of time that you determine. It can be quite helpful, but it does have a certain limitation in its scope, as it does not protect you offline or on gaming platforms that don’t work with this tool.

If you happen to be a fan of playing online games such as Dota, Overwatch, or Counter-Strike, there is no need for unregistering from GamStop. This program only works with gambling sites and will not prevent you from accessing online games, even though they might have in-game purchases.

People Worrying If GamStop Is Only Online Also Ask

Can I play online casino games if I am on GamStop?

That depends on the online casino you choose. You will not be able to gamble with GamStop at online platforms that operate under licences issued by the UKGC. That being said, there are numerous other online betting sites accessible to British players that you can register on freely.

Is it safe to use GamStop for online self-exclusion?

Most definitely! GamStop is a trustworthy and dependable online self-exclusion program that has been validated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Thousands of UK players utilise it every year with many positive results. So, this service is as safe as it can possibly get.

How much does it cost to use GamStop to block online gambling?

It doesn’t cost anything. GamStop is a player-protection tool that prioritises your safety through accessibility which is why there is no fee that you have to pay to use it. All you have to do is simply head to the official website, register with the program, and choose a self-exclusion period.

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