Is GamStop Free?

Is GamStop Free of Charge

If you have been playing on the casino sites without GamStop solely because you thought self-exclusion was expensive, we have good news for you. As an active casino player, you are probably aware of the unique benefits that GamStop service can provide. This self-care service is famous in the UK and abroad, and it helps British players who gamble too much in establishing control over their habits. So, the good news here is that you can make use of GamStop right now, and it won’t cost you a penny. Why? Because GamStop is free.

To help readers better understand the GamStop self-exclusion service and why it represents a key part of the modern casino ecosystem, we tried to clarify some points of contention. As gambling platforms are becoming virtually omnipresent, a website of this kind that provides some balance and limits the time spent playing games of chance is a necessary addition. Let us elaborate in more detail.

Is GamStop Free to Use for UK Players?

Since GamStop aims to help players stop spending too much on their gambling activities, it only makes sense that it provides its core service free of charge. UK-based players don’t have to wonder is GamStop a free service and can simply register online to start using it right away. The procedure can be completed within minutes, after which the player loses access to his online gambling accounts for a predefined period of time.

Since the service is legally registered in England and caters to all players from the United Kingdom, there should be no doubts about its legitimacy. Anyone experiencing issues with compulsive gambling should immediately contact this website and try using it to re-establish control. Its track record is very strong in this regard, and it’s widely considered to be a valuable resource for long-time players.

Why GamStop Allows to Use Its Services for Free

The nature of the service makes it a must for players in need of help to receive it without waiting. That’s why anyone can use GamStop free of charge to address behaviours that are threatening to spin out of control. Besides, it certainly helps that GamStop is supported by the British government and has other sources of income (i.e. sales of accessories), so the financial burden doesn’t have to be carried by the users. While it may be unusual for such a popular online platform to be completely free, anyone familiar with the ethos of GamStop understands why this is the case.

Paid, Freemium, and Free GamStop Alternatives

GamStop may be the most popular self-exclusion platform for online gambling players, but there are several alternatives that may be worth trying. Please keep in mind that some of those services may charge for access or use a freemium model to derive revenues and research the exact terms and conditions before joining. Here is a shortlist of self-exclusion websites and apps to explore:


Is GamStop free to use across all British casinos?

Yes. The service is completely free and once you register for it, access to all casino sites registered in the United Kingdom will be interrupted. This remains the case no matter how many websites the player may be registered to or how long his self-exclusion lasts.

GamStop is free now, but can it become a paid service in the future?

It’s not possible to predict how GamStop will change its policies in the future, but considering its main mission it seems highly unlikely that charging for access is in the plans. Since the point is to help gamblers rather than maximise profits, the website will probably stick to the current model.

Are there better, paid alternatives to GamStop?

There are several popular alternatives that serve the same purpose, for example Gamban which charges an annual fee of GBP 24.99. However, this software doesn’t work on every device so it could be argued that GamStop is not only more affordable but also more user-friendly and efficient.

Other Articles About GamStop

GamStop provides a valuable service for free and it’s prudent to learn as much about it as you can even if you are not immediately at risk of gambling too much. You never know when you or someone close to you might come into a situation where self-exclusion can be beneficial. Check more articles researched by our GamStop experts:

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