How to File a Lawsuit Against a Casino

How to File a Lawsuit Against a Casino

Although one might think lawsuits against casinos typically relate to cheating or fraudulent actions, injuries are oftentimes the reason behind legal actions against non-GamStop casino sites and other gambling businesses. By that, we’re referring to accidents that result in broken bones and other injuries that have occurred on the casino rounds. When we take that into account, it becomes clear that online casinos are the safest gambling experience.

Potential Injuries You Can Get at a Casino

Here’s a short list of the most common injuries that can potentially lead to a lawsuit against the casino:

  • Slip accidents
  • Trip accidents
  • Broken chairs at slot machines or tables
  • Inadequate security measures
  • Injuries caused by elevator accidents
  • Injuries caused by Shuttle bus accidents
  • Food poisoning

Steps for Filing a Lawsuit Against a Casino

The process of filing a lawsuit against a casino is quite complex. It usually involves the following steps:

Step 1: Check the Terms and Conditions

If it’s an online casino you’re having trouble with, check the terms and conditions. The typical problems with online casinos revolve around transparency, fair play, payouts, and other account issues. If you’ve experienced a physical injury at a land-based casino, you can skip the first step.

Step 2: Examine the Casino’s Complaints Procedure

The second step is to examine the casino’s complaint procedure. All land-based casinos have a complaints policy that contains all the necessary details. You can request a copy to explore or use the online Resolver Tool to learn your rights.

Step 3: File a Complaint

After learning about the complaints procedure, the next step is likely going to involve filing the actual complaint. Make sure you follow the rules of the complaints policy and include all the details you have about the accident/issue.

Step 4: Wait for the Casino to Respond

The casino has 8 weeks to conduct an internal investigation and resolve your complaint. Once they’re done with their part, they are obliged to inform you about the results, your rights, and what you can do next.

Step 5: Contact ADR for Further Assistance

If you’re not happy with the casino’s response, the next step involves escalating the issue with the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). You can’t skip all previous steps and contact ADR straight away, though.

Step 6: Lawyer Up and File a Lawsuit

If the ADR confirms there are grounds for a lawsuit, your next step is pretty straightforward. Simply lawyer up and file a lawsuit against the casino. It’s all in the legal system now, and all that’s left to do is wait.


What are some legitimate reasons to sue a casino?

Casinos have plentiful resources and some of the best legal teams, but they’re not immune to lawsuits. Especially if you’ve sustained an injury, a casino used deceptive practices on you, or you’ve been a part of a larger security breach. If you’ve come here because of the latter, then we’re talking about a class action lawsuit, which is a completely different pair of shoes.

What are some things to consider before filing a lawsuit against a casino?

The first thing you should consider is whether or not filing a lawsuit against a casino is going to be feasible. If the severity of damages is lower than the potential costs of litigation, then you’re better off swallowing the wrongdoing and moving on with your life. In this case, going through a time-consuming and money-hungry lawsuit just isn’t worth it. If the severity of damages is on point, the second thing to consider is the strength of your case. If you have rock-solid evidence and you’ve already exhausted all alternative options, then a lawsuit is the only logical way to go.

What are the challenges of suing a casino?

Casinos are typically giant organisations with massive resources. Thanks to the latter, these platforms usually feature top-of-the-line legal teams, which will make your case insanely difficult if you file a lawsuit against their clients. The best you can do is arm yourself with legal experts. Also, prepare yourself for the cost of litigation because lawsuits are expensive. Plus, without rock-solid evidence of a casino’s wrongdoings, the complexity of the law will make it nearly impossible for you to win your case.

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