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Has gambling ever hurt your reputation? Have you ever failed at achieving a life goal because of gambling? Did you often gamble down to your last pound? If you answered positively to any of these queries, UK is here to help.

With over two decades of experience, Gamcare is a leading provider of gambling prevention services in Great Britain. Gamcare commits to providing the finest facilities. Its doors are open to problem gamblers, as well as anyone who’s experienced the effects of problem gambling. The organization also operates the National Gambling Helpline.

With the helpline, they offer treatment plans and raise awareness for responsible gambling. The hotline is reachable either face-to-face, online, or over the phone. The phone and online chats are available 24/7, so you know you’ll always have someone to turn to. But that’s not all! There’s a lot more to learn about the organization and its operations. That’s why our team of gambling experts created the only guide you’ll ever need! Scroll down to find:

  • General information about Gamcare;
  • The company’s main activities;
  • Alternatives to Gamcare;
  • The most common questions users have about this service.

General Information about GamCare

As a leading provider of services in the fight against problem gambling, there’s a lot to learn about Gamcare. The organization offers its services to anyone that lives in the UK. You’re welcomed to register, regardless if you are a problem gambler, or have been affected by such activities. Want to discover more about Gamcare’s operations? Our team broke down what the organization is all about.

  1. Mission. Gamcare is one of the major providers of free information, help, and support for gambling addiction. The organization made its mission to aid anyone affected by problem gambling through advice and treatment. Gamcare aims to reduce any harm affected by problem gamblers with the prevention, education, and communication.
  2. Objectives. Gamcare has a rich array of goals they try to accomplish with their service. They provide problem gamblers with quality and effective methods to treat their addiction. Problematic punters from the UK have access to non-judgemental advice. They also hold a strong focus on trying to limit ways of getting off self-exclusion.
  3. Values. Gamcare’s organization shines with a variety of different values. The company’s primary focus is its customers. They pledge always to provide the best possible service for any client. Hence, Gamcare is known for delivering highly effective treatment. They pride themselves with innovation and continuously work on bettering their service.

Main Activities of the Organization

You’ve learned all about what Gamcare wants to achieve. Thus, you’re probably wondering – what actions do they take to accomplish their goals? For starters, the organization works on helping people realize if they have a gambling addiction. If the answer is yes, they provide a multitude of services to deal with this issue. From free forums where members support each other, to expert counselling treatments – Gamcare has it all.

  • Reducing gambling harm. Gamcare’s primary goal is to minimize the harm that comes along with gambling. The organization strives to help both problem gamblers, and anyone else affected by this issue. Some people think that Gamcare monitors activity of casinos without UK licence and gambling sites without verification. However, this is untrue.
  • Managing free forum. Another great feature you can find at Gamcare is the online forum. It’s available to anyone who wants to find support from others. Users have access to many different topics. These range from an area dedicated to new members to recovery diaries. There’s also lots of information about Gamblers Anonymous.
  • Providing group chatrooms. Gamcare’s website offers an online group chatroom as well. Here, members can support each other in a non-judgemental and safe setting. They also often exchange tips on how to block casino sites. Friends/family and other problem gamblers will find the chatroom a welcoming and comfortable area.
  • Counselling. Gamcare provides clients with an array of short and long-term treatments. The counselling is accessible over the phone, online, or face-to-face. Gamcare works closely with a network of partner agencies and has treatment services in London, Lincoln, Berkshire, Surrey, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire.

GamCare Alternatives

The reality is, Gamcare might not be the appropriate choice for everyone. Maybe Gamcare’s forum doesn’t live up to your standards or perhaps you didn’t fancy the treatment centres. Fortunately, there are several alternatives you can try out. That’s why we handpicked the three best options for you to keep in mind.

  • Gamblers Anonymous – Forum The Gamblers Anonymous online forum is a very effective alternative. Here, users have access to 4 different topics. In the share section, members can share their stories, as well as comment on published ones. There’s also a Q&A section where you can learn everything about Gamblers Anonymous.
  • Gamstop – Live Chat Looking for ways to quit football betting sites not on Gamstop? The live chat section at Gamstop scheme is an excellent place to check. Users can find plenty of helpful tips. It’s an excellent choice for people who might not be able to attend meetings or don’t like Gamcare’s chatrooms.
  • Gordon Moody Association – Treatment Gordon Moody is a charity association that provides housing care and multi-lingual treatment for problem gamblers. When checked in, members have five different treatment options at their disposal. For instance, there are two centres which provide residential treatment for gambling addicts.

GamCare UK FAQs

What is GamCare?

Gamcare is a UK-based charity organization that provides treatment services to anyone affected by problem gambling. The scheme offers a plethora of treatment services, advice, and support for its members.

Is it only for UK problem gamblers?

The organization is available to anyone living across England, Scotland, and Wales. Meaning, that anyone outside these borders won’t have access to Gamcare.

Does it have a self-exclusion scheme?

Gamcare doesn’t operate its own self-exclusion scheme. Hence, you may prefer playing at non GamCare casinos if self-exclusion is important to you. However, it does partner with other programs. These include SENSE, Gamstop, and others.

How to get GamCare certification for casino owners?

Gamcare has a myriad of practices that the operator needs to implement into their service. This includes customer and age verification systems. There are also controls for spending, as well as self-exclusion options.