GamBlock Review

gamblock software review

Have you been spending too many hours spinning the reels of your favourite slot? Do you know all the live dealers at your first-choice casino by name? If so, you may want to take a break from iGaming using a reliable gambling blocker with no verification. Read our independent Gamblock review and see if this is the right product for you.

About nine individuals in every 1,000 people are problem gamblers in the UK. Luckily, platforms like Gamblock are here to help fight the issue. This system will block your access to any gaming-related content. Thus, making it impossible for you to take part in online gambling, betting, and trading.

Would you like to learn how to block gambling sites with Gamblock? Are you interested in learning more about this software? We have all the answers for you! Keep reading and find the following Gamblock details:

  • How the software prevents problem gambling;
  • The main advantages of this platform;
  • A list of the most significant weaknesses of Gamblock;
  • How to remove the software from your device;
  • Alternatives to this problem gambling prevention product and FAQs;

How does GamBlock Work?

This is a problem gambling prevention software that restricts access to gambling content. Even though powerful, it works pretty simply. Users just need to install the platform on their device and it instantly starts doing its magic.

Any time someone tries to access an online casino or a betting site, the system will give them 60 seconds to exit the destination. Otherwise, it will automatically shut down the entire computer.

Pros of GamBlock

Gamblock helps problem gamblers stay away from possibly dangerous content. This includes all iGaming destinations, online bookmakers, trading sites, and even Proxy websites. This self-exclusion tool offers solutions for both individuals and authorities like AAMS and ARJEL.

Plus, it supports a wide range of devices. Still, its list of advantages isn’t the longest one when compared to its main competitors.

  • Multiple platforms. Besides Gamblock for Windows, users can purchase Gamblock for iPhone and Android too. The company offers individual packages such as Samsung Self-Exclusion, Android Self-Exclusion, and Apple. Additionally, you can get the Multiple Platforms and Products solution for complete protection. Either way, Gamblock can handle all your devices.
  • Almost impossible to bypass. Visiting slot sites not on Gamstop won’t help you with Gamblock. This platform is nearly impossible to bypass and that’s one of its main strengths. It has the power to detect any gambling and betting content. So, you definitely won’t be able to access any online casinos, offshore or not.

Cons of GamBlock

Unfortunately, it seems that Gamblock has some serious drawbacks too. In fact, its weaknesses outnumber the pros. Hence, make sure to go over them before investing in this problem gambling and gambling addiction solution.

After all, the product can’t precisely boast with high customer satisfaction levels. Meaning, you may want to consider some better alternatives.

  • Some issues with “video games” searches. Gambling and gaming are two words often used as synonyms. If you browse gaming sites, the results will include both online casinos and non Gamstop sports betting sites for video games. As a result, Gamblock can cause some headaches to gamers as it will prevent them from accessing gaming (video gaming) destinations.
  • Slow customer support. As you will notice in the plans, they all come with Basic Support. Premium Support costs more. Yet, not everyone wants or can afford to purchase Premium Support. Meaning, they only get the basic one, which is slow and inefficient. There’ve been tons of complaints about this issue.
  • Some customers had problems with mobile phones. Multiple Gamblock customers have reported problems of getting the app to work on their mobile devices. One user claims the platform just won’t work on their Samsung phone. Another consumer says the app disappeared from their smartphone, and customer care just keeps ignoring them.

How to Remove GamBlock?

It is impossible to uninstall Gamblock software by yourself. The platform has been created not to be removed until the licence is active. Even if you contact the company demanding they remove Gamblock from your hardware, they won’t do it.

The only way to get rid of this product is to wait for your licence to end. Plus, your Certified Problem Gambling Counsellor may have to vouch for you too.

GamBlock Alternatives

You weren’t convinced by us and Trustpilot that Gamblock is the right solution for you? No worries! Below, we have listed some fantastic alternatives. All these are reliable and trusted problem gambling prevention platforms.

The list includes specialized products like Gamban alongside multi-purpose solutions like NetNanny. So, you surely will find something that suits your budget and needs.

  1. Gamban. Try Gamban app for 14 days, completely free of charge. This platform will restrict your access to iGaming destinations as well as any other betting sites. Trading and non UK gambling sites are off-limits with Gamban too. Among the most affordable solutions on the market, Gamban starts at £24.99 per year.
  2. BetBlocker. Offering self-exclusion and parent control tools, BetBlocker VPN serves multiple functions. Regarding gambling prevention, the platform limits access to more than 6,836 gambling sites. BetBlocker works on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. The main advantage of this product? BetBlocker is entirely free to use.
  3. BetFilter. Starting at $69.95 for a one-year licence, BetFilter is another affordable solution for problem gamblers. This product comes with free AdBlocker as well. There is no free trial of BetFilter, but there are many tutorials and videos on its website. So, anyone can see it in action.
  4. NetNanny. NetNanny is a popular parental control software and website blocker. iGaming is among the various types of content you can block with this platform. Net Nanny works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. Users can get it at a starting price of $39.99 per year.

GamBlock FAQs

Is there any Gamblock free trial version?

No. Gamblock does not provide a free trial of their software.

How much does it cost?

The exact price of the product depends on several factors. Besides the type of plan (Personal, Samsung, Small Business, etc.) also depends on licence length and support type. One-year Windows Personal Plan with Basic Support costs $191.95 (about £145).

What sites can I block with BetFilter?

Besides blocking any iGaming-related websites, the platform also blocks access to Proxy, VPN, DNS, and Onion apps. This prevents access to online casinos and betting sites using alternative methods.