Guide to Gambling When on GamStop

Gambling While on GamStop

Ever wondered if it’s possible to gamble when you’re on GamStop exclusion? The short answer is yes! Sometimes British players need a break and would like to be removed but cannot until the period has been completed. There are various online casinos and other tricks that allow for this. In this article, some methods will be provided. Please be aware this is not a GamStop gambling guide for vulnerable players.

How GamStop Prevents You from Gambling

In modern times where gambling on online platforms has become easily obtainable and available, there is a heightened sense of concern about responsible gaming. To address this problem, the United Kingdom has adopted an ingenious solution in the form of GamStop, which is a self-exclusion program to help people get their gambling habits under control. GamStop is a free and independent service for individuals in the United Kingdom who want to limit their online gambling activities.

The way GamStop works is you register on the website by providing your personal information such as name, date of birth, and contact details. Once done, there is no way you can play on any UK-licensed online casino.

The UKGC has made it mandatory for all casinos registered in the UKGC (carrying a UKGC licence) to honour the GamStop self-exclusion programme. As such, once you’re registered, all UK-registered online gambling platforms are out of bounds for you. They will block you based on your details, including your payment method.

GamStop has exclusion options from 6 months to 5 years. Once this period is chosen, it can not be shortened guaranteeing responsible gaming. GamStop uses a register of the members. Online casino operators holding a UK Gambling Commission licence are obliged to connect through GamStop, which cross-checks their customer lists and blocks listed individuals. Once registered, the user’s data is transferred to each online casino participating in the program using this central database.

GamStop works with a large number of online casinos licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Unlike other self-exclusion programs that may have loopholes or ways to get around restrictions, GamStop is made to be airtight. Once registered, users cannot just register with a new account or look for other ways to gamble online.

That being said, gamblers have indeed found ways to bypass the system, such as by using VPNs and registering for new accounts. If found out, keep in mind that your account could be permanently banned.

How to Gamble When Self-Excluded with GamStop

Growing weary of being excluded? You can register on non-Gamstop websites most simply. These sites allow players to register when on self-exclusion. Follow these steps to gamble with GamStop:

How to Gamble on GamStop
Time Required: 10 minutes
Tools Required: Internet
Supply Required: Money

Check Our List of Non-GamStop Gambling Sites

Check Casinos

The operators listed on our are reputable and without GamStop. The casinos not on GamStop and sports betting sites not on GamStop offer sign-up bonuses and multiple payment methods. Spend a minute or two checking them out. We even make it easier with quick-to-read summaries. This is to facilitate weighing the options and speed up the process of choosing.


Pick Your Favourite Brand and Register There

Register Account

When selecting a brand to register on, you would need to consider certain features. One is making sure the non-GamStop gambling operator is registered and reputable and offers low wagers. Sites that are easy to access and offer quick deposit and withdrawal timeframes, and, most importantly, have your favourite games.


Top Up Your Account with Credit Card or Crypto

Make Deposit

GamStop casinos have different top-up methods making this process simpler. Register your account at the casino, go to your wallet and select a deposit method. Crypto has become a favourite due to the transaction speed and anonymity. Credit card deposits are still the most popular method most people own cards and it's straightforward.


Now You Can Bet on Sports or Play Casino Games!

Bet In Games

Playing your preferred games should be done responsibly at all times. The majority of non-GamStop casinos have a wide variety of popular high-quality games. You can bet on sports, play slots, roulette, bingo, blackjack and many others. Poker players can play on different tables with a croupier while in self-exclusion.

Final Comments on GamStop Gambling

Self-exclusion can be a lifesaver for gamers who lack self-control. Once you have completed and submitted your data to GamStop altering your details won’t fool the system. So, when you want to return to the leisure of playing whenever then using a variety of methods can help. The information should give you a fairly clear idea of what it takes to bet with GamStop.

You Won’t Be Able to Register at UKGC-Licensed Brands

Casinos in the UK are required to have a gambling license that the UKGC regulates. Their goal is to protect casinos and gamblers from crime and any harm. The UKGC does not license non-GamStop casinos. These may have been licensed by other reputable boards like eGaming Curacao, and Alderney. It’s the player’s responsibility to check the casino’s credibility.

Our Non-GamStop Sites are Tested Many Times

Non-GamStop sites can be regularly tested to avoid players being scammed by unknowingly accepting hidden terms and conditions. Making sure the site has valid and reputable licenses is essential, so should the player need to lodge complaints, they can. Sites that have their internal self-exclusion features can make the operator more trustworthy as they aren’t preying on vulnerable players.

Avoid Gambling on GamStop if You’re a Vulnerable Player

Not everybody has the willpower to control a harmful bad habit, some players might need extra measures set in place to help them. At times gamblers may need a break because they’ve realised that they were desperate for fast cash. If vulnerable players aren’t able to control the urge to play while on non-GamStop casinos they can request self-exclusion.

How to Gamble with GamStop: FAQ

Is GamStop gambling safe?

GamStop gambling is safe as long as you opt for licensed platforms. The best way to keep safe is to only use reputable non-GamStop online casino operators. Knowing when to stop can prevent the loss of funds that aren’t refundable. This is due diligence that you have to make to ensure your online gambling experience is not tainted by unwanted ill effects.

Can I gamble when on GamStop exclusion?

Yes, you can register on betting sites that are not registered on Gamstop. This can be easily done and there is a vast variety of these sites we list. Many have some of your favourite games with similar, if not the same quality as the original casino site. You will not be restricted from making deposits using credit card payments or cryptocurrencies.

I'm self-excluded. Can I visit offline gambling venues?

In the instance that you have self-excluded with GamStop, you can still gamble at physical casinos and betting shops because they have different regulations. These venues often have other forms of self-exclusion schemes. UK players who prefer playing online can use offshore sites to meet their gambling needs. Proper licensing, and casino terms and conditions are essential to keep an eye on.

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