Gambling Addiction Help

Gambling Addiction Help

Gambling addiction manifests itself in a poorly controlled desire to gamble, which has a devastating effect on relationships with loved ones, work, and financial situations. That is why we decided to prepare this article, which will be beneficial not only for those who have this problem, but also for people who want to help their close ones. Below is more information about the main signs and symptoms and what resources can help. Remember that gambling addiction has a chance of being cured with the help of therapy, support groups, and helplines.

How to Know that You Have Gambling Addiction?

Sometimes, it is difficult to recognise gambling problems on the surface, but understanding them is the first step towards relief. The main signal is a feeling of losing control over life, a desire to keep going, and constant thoughts about gambling. However, there are other important symptoms and typical problems to look out for:

  • Playing until losing
  • Lack of time for other activities
  • The need to borrow money to continue gambling
  • Lack of life goals
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disorders
  • Gambling as a way to escape from reality
  • Apathetic state

Getting Help with Problem Gambling

Our team has prepared several tools to help fight gambling addiction. Below, there is information about self-exclusion services, the 12-step programme, and the benefits of psychological therapy sessions.

GamStop and Other Self-Exclusion Software

Self-exclusion programmes are effective because, here, players can take control of their gambling habits on their behalf. GamStop provides for a voluntary ban on gambling in certain establishments for a certain amount of time. It usually ranges from months to years, and the duration can be set independently. GamStop is a free service where, after registering, a player will be excluded from all registered casinos and gambling websites for a period of 6 months to 5 years. In addition, there are other alternatives available from all over the world that have similar functions. They help to regain control over life, finances, and mental well-being.

Off-Site 12 Steps Support Groups

This programme was founded in 1935 in America. Its essence is simple – to create a supportive environment for those who are struggling with a certain addiction. Participants of such groups come together on certain days to share their experiences and inspire each other not to give up. After all, while participating in the 12 Steps, it is recommended not to go to casinos if a player is struggling with gambling addiction. Usually, such groups are a closed and anonymous community. Here, people tell each other about their problems and improve their physical and emotional health. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by many people who changed their thoughts and behaviour and, most importantly, got rid of gambling addiction.

Counselling and Therapy

Psychological support provided by GamCare and other similar organisations can also serve as a positive environment. Such therapy is not short-term, but it is effective, as experienced counsellors and therapists can help to identify the causes of gambling problems. After all, this form of psychological addiction is based on the reward effect through the release of dopamine, which activates the reward-satisfaction chain. Therefore, it is important to work with the right specialist to develop countermeasures and learn how to find healthy ways to relax and have fun. Such sessions are useful both in the form of individual and family therapy. After all, quite often, gamblers’ addiction also affects their loved ones, who are worried about them.

Common Questions About Gambling Addiction Help

Are there free or low-cost gambling help options available?

Yes, there are many options for getting free help, such as online resources and national helplines. Also, 12-step support groups are available for anyone who needs assistance. Even most self-exclusion programmes are completely cost-free services that also provide counselling.

What are some initial steps in gambling help I can take on my own?

To start with, it is worth trying a self-exclusion programme like GamStop or another service. This will restrict access to online gambling for a certain specified time. It is also worth learning more about the financial management of savings and not using credit cards.

How can I support a friend or family member struggling with gambling addiction?

If you notice that a loved one needs help with gambling addiction, the first step is to learn more about this type of problem. Research the symptoms, consequences, and available treatments. Offer support and spend more time together. Share why it is important to set boundaries and how professional help will be useful.

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