Gamblers Anonymous UK

gamblers anonymous uk

Have you ever cut time from work or college due to gambling? Do you often gamble until all your money is gone? Is visiting a gambling addiction clinic just not an option for you? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should check out Gamblers Anonymous online.

Gamblers Anonymous is a 12-step program for gamblers who have crossed the line into addiction. It’s an easy-to-reach resource for problem gamblers, that’s also very budget-friendly. The organization has been around for a while and is renowned in its field. If you’re looking for ways around self-exclusion, we have an article on that as well! However, if you’re depicting signs of problem gambling, take charge.

Would you like to take a break from gambling with professional assistance? If so, this service may be the best bet to take! If you want to learn more about Gambling Anonymous, keep reading. Our expert team in this article covers everything, from the history of GA to:

  • Main activities of the program;
  • Best Gamblers Anonymous alternatives;
  • Answers to the most common Gamblers Anonymous FAQs.

History of Gamblers Anonymous

Gambling has been around for centuries. As the activity evolved from a hobby to a multimillion industry, problem gambling established itself as an issue too. Well, that’s why the Gamblers Anonymous association was founded in the 1950s by Jim Willis.

The organization originates in the United States. Gamblers Anonymous offers a 12-step program as a way for problem gamblers to take a break from gambling. The program itself is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. Participants worldwide claim GA is very effective.

GA aims to accomplish the aforementioned, as well as to tackle the reasons that lead to problem gambling. They hope to do this through members supporting each other instead of going through professional intervention.

Main Activities of the Company

Now that you’ve found out what Gamblers Anonymous is about, you’re probably wondering what they offer. A thorough rehab program and a welcoming support group are just the tip of the iceberg here. Their website also provides visitors with a plethora of features. These include an array of hotlines depending on your country, meeting locator and more.

  1. 12 Steps Recovery Program. There are plenty of casinos and betting websites not on Gamstop. Hence, problem amblers need an alternative. Gamblers Anonymous offers a 12-step recovery program. The 12 steps are based on ancient spiritual principles. Its main goal is to help problem gamblers take responsibility for their addiction.
  2. Providing online support via live chat. We strongly recommend gambling blockers that offer live chat support. Why? Well, this option lets you reach help within seconds. Live chat is usually available 24/7/365, so it won’t let you down. Plus, it’s easy to use and supports mobile devices.
  3. Managing the forum for gamblers. Another way to get help from Gamblers Anonymous is by visiting their online forum. For instance, there’s a forum dedicated to overcoming problem gambling. It’s available to anyone struggling with playing too much. Players share advice, support, and ways to stop betting and regain control again.
  4. Organization of meetings and events. Gamblers Anonymous often hold various meetings and events to help you get back on track. In such settings, problem gamblers can find experts in the area who are sure to help with the addiction. These meetings provide a great atmosphere and make consumers feel safe and comfortable.

Gamblers Anonymous Alternatives

What if Gamblers Anonymous isn’t the right fit for you? The meetings might feel entirely uncomfortable for you, or you just can’t see the point of it. Despite these reasons, you mustn’t give up! Recovery might be a long road to take, but it’s worth it. There are plenty of other services you can try. As always, we handpicked the best alternatives for you.

  • Gamstop – Live Chat. The reality is, not everyone might be able to attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings. This is where alternatives like Gamstop’s live chat feature come into play. If you feel uncomfortable going to a meeting, this might be just the choice for you. Remember, this Gamstop self-exclusion scheme has stringent rules!
  • Gamcare – Forum. The forum section of GamCare is a great feature. Aside from the dedicated section to overcoming problem gambling, there are plenty of other topics worth checking out. For example, there’s a topic called “Recovery Diaries,” where problem gamblers record their journey. There’s also “Success Stories” to remind you that recovery is possible.
  • Gordon Moody Association – Mental Help. The Gordon Moody Association is a provider of residential treatment for problem gamblers. The association offers five different treatment options. They range from relapse prevention to residential treatment centres. There’s even an outreach support program. It helps punters maintain their recovery post-treatment.

UK Gamblers Anonymous FAQs

What is Gamblers Anonymous?

Gamblers Anonymous is an organization of people sharing their gambling addiction experiences. The group’s primary goal is that it helps players at licensed and non UKGC casinos deal with problem gambling.

Is it free?

There are no charges associated with Gamblers Anonymous. If you want to join, all you need is a desire to take a break from gambling.

How can I find Gamblers Anonymous meetings near me?

GA’s website offers a service that locates meetings near you. All you need to do is enter your zip code alongside the proximity distance you desire, et voila!

Is it available only in the United Kingdom?

Gamblers Anonymous isn’t limited only to the UK. So, some overseas online casinos may offer the service, as well.