Cold Turkey: The Ultimate App to Quit Gambling

Cold Turkey: The Ultimate App to Quit Gambling

Gambling is a nuisance that disrupts your focus and productivity, but you can manage it. If you are experiencing this problem gambling, you can use programs like Cold Turkey to control your betting habits. Cold Turkey is a strict website blocker that provides real-time statistics of bookmaker websites you visit.

You can use these numbers to create a custom list of betting apps and sites, block them, and quit gambling at once. Additionally, you can’t undo the block command, making Cold Turkey an excellent alternative to other programs like GamStop.

The Overview of Cold Turkey as a Gambling Blocker

Cold Turkey has several functionalities, including blocking websites. Players can filter and block unlimited betting apps and sites and lock the block list. The lock feature prevents you from cheating–you can’t turn off the extension or uninstall the Blocker until the specified time elapses.

Blocking betting sites helps you take a break from habitual gambling patterns. This dose of discipline allows you to control problem gambling and focus on your daily activities. This means responsibly using time and other resources to build healthy personal, social, and financial relationships to increase productivity.

Other Functionality of Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is not limited to the Blocker function—the web filter offers additional blocking options, such as Writer and Micromanager.

The Writer product can block everything on your computer, forcing you to get writing. After launching Writer, choose a time or word limit and click Start. The block will run and only stop after you hit the preset time or word count target.

The Micromanager can help you stop multitasking and focus your attention on a particular task. After installing Micromanager on your macOS or Windows, select the apps you’ll need for that task. Once you click Start, the program closes any other application until you finish the task.

The Writer and Micromanager are only good for getting a particular work done. This makes the Blocker function the real deal for dealing with gambling addiction.

Cold Turkey vs. GamStop: Brief Analysis

Cold Turkey and GamStop are responsible gambling tools, but the former is more advantageous. GamStop is a self-exclusion service, whereas Cold Turkey is a site blocker. This means you can use Cold Turkey to limit access to all gambling sites and apps. You can also lock the block list, making it impossible to disable or uninstall the Blocker until the block period is over.

With non GamStop casinos readily available online, GamStop is easy to cheat. UK players on self-exclusion can access gambling sites not registered in the UK, making it difficult to control their betting behaviour. Based on this analysis, Cold Turkey is the ultimate app to help you quit gambling.

Support Methods Complementing Cold Turkey

If you have quit gambling using the Cold Turkey app, the following methods can give you additional support:


Gambling can harm your relationships, finances, and physical and mental health. After quitting betting, you should consult qualified psychiatrists and psychologists for professional counselling. They provide therapy for complex health needs resulting from gambling and support you with your recovery.

Support Groups

Support groups are fellowships of people who have experienced the effects of compulsive gambling. They meet to share their experiences, strengths, and hope and engage in activities to help you recover from betting addiction.

National Gambling Hotline

The National Gambling Hotline is a one-stop service that links people with problem gambling to local recovery resources. The organization provides 24/7 free and confidential support via the phone, online, and face-to-face, giving you access to regular and long-term help.

Common Questions About the Cold Turkey Program

Is Cold Turkey free to use?

Cold Turkey offers a Blocker Free option that allows you to block websites for a specific duration. For full functionality, purchase Blocker Pro for US$39.00 and use it forever on all your personal computers. You can also check out other website blockers with varying features and pricing models.

Can Cold Turkey block apps on my phone?

Unfortunately, No. The current version of Cold Turkey is only available for Windows and macOS computers and doesn’t extend to phones. To block apps on your phone, explore other Cold Turkey alternatives that provide similar blocking functionalities without device limitation.

I wonder how foolproof Cold Turkey is. Can I bypass its blocks?

While you can technically bypass blocks, Cold Turkey is hard to cheat. The program uses features like ‘Nuclear Mode’ to shut down the computer during block periods. This function turns off any attempt to uninstall the Blocker, making it harder to access gambling sites.

Popular Cold Turkey Alternatives

Cold Turkey is good at what it does—helping you take control of your betting habits. However, it’s not the only web filter in the market. For other varying features and pricing models, players can explore the following alternatives: