MyStake Chicken Game

MyStake Chicken Game

MyStake Casino is home to an exciting collection of casino games, including a unique mini-game called Chicken. This simple yet entertaining game has quickly become a fan favourite at MyStake. Based on our experience trying out new games at online casinos, the MyStake Chicken game stands out for its cute graphics, quirky concept, and sky-high 99% RTP.

If you want new ways to gamble online, play Chicken gambling game at MyStake Casino and enjoy a simple yet exciting game boasting smooth gameplay. Our findings show that the intense action Chicken game features a 5×5 grid of 25 metal domes that cover either a chicken or a bone.

To win, you must uncover chickens without revealing a bone. If you reveal a bone, the game ends, and you lose the bet. You can cash out and pocket your winnings before the game crashes when you uncover a bone.

Overviewing MyStake Chicken: Game’s Main Features

Our analysis of the Chicken mini-game at MyStake Casino showed a simple 5×5 grid format with 25 metal domes covering either a roast chicken or a bone. The rules in the top corner explain that to win, you must uncover chickens without revealing a bone; otherwise, you lose.

You choose the difficulty and potential payout multiplier by selecting how many hidden bones to include, from 1 to 24. The more bones, the higher the multiplier. Uncovering all chickens without hitting a bone wins the jackpot. Thankfully, you can cash out at any point.

How to Play the Chicken Game at MyStake

Join other punters playing the captivating MyStake Chicken game for an enjoyable adventure filled with surprises and the potential for substantial winnings. It is easy to understand and play the game. Get started on the suspenseful entertainment of the Chicken game at MyStake Casino with the steps below.

How to Play MyStake Chicken Mini Game
Time Required: ~ 5 minutes
Tools Required: Phone or Laptop
Supply Required: Money

Visit the MyStake Casino Website

To begin your Chicken game adventure, visit the MyStake Casino website. Our team found the site is neatly organised, making navigating the Casino section easy. Its vibrant design enhances the excitement awaiting you when playing Chicken.


Register a New MyStake Account

Step 2 Register an Account at MyStake Casino

You'll need to sign up for an account to play Chicken and the other casino games at MyStake for real money. When we created our test account, we found the sign-up process straightforward, requiring just a username, password, and email address to register in minutes.


Choose Your Deposit Method

Check Billing Methods

Pick a deposit option that suits you best from the many payment options offered by MyStake. Our investigation showed that MyStake provides secure and convenient ways to load your casino account. These include credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Deposit Money and Start Playing Chicken

Deposit and Play

Add funds to your MyStake account to start playing for real money. When we made our first deposit, it only took a minute for the funds to appear in our account, ensuring one could start playing without delay. Then, enter the Lobby, go to Mini Games, and select the Chicken game tile. Set your wager amount and start uncovering chickens without hitting bones.

Best Sites Like MyStake with Chicken Game

We’ve done enough testing to uncover more of the best online casinos like MyStake with Chicken game and other exciting casino offerings. The featured gaming platforms boast strong reputations and exciting gameplay similar to what MyStake provides. Based on our own experience, the top sites to play Chicken include:


How profitable is the MyStake Chicken game?

With an RTP rate of 99%, our analysis showed the MyStake Chicken game to be highly profitable for players. For every $100 wagered, $99 is returned to players as winnings over time, making it a wise choice. Our extensive testing found that the Chicken game delivers reliable entertainment and strong payout potential.

What is the minimum size of the bet in the MyStake Chicken game?

Based on our experience playing Chicken at MyStake, we confirmed the minimum bet is just $0.20 per round. This low minimum makes the game easily accessible for all bankrolls so players can enjoy the unique gameplay without a huge investment. Even with $0.20, you can score some nice wins.

Can I play Chicken at MyStake for free?

Unfortunately, our investigation determined that no free demo versions are available to play the MyStake Chicken game. As one of their custom mini-game creations, it is only accessible with real money wagers at this time.

Do other casino sites have the Chicken mini-game?

Thanks to thorough research checking numerous online casinos, we found the Chicken game is exclusive to MyStake and the alternative casinos we have listed above. No other casino operators offer this specific mini-game on their rosters. The sites also have wide game libraries for more entertainment.

Other MyStake Mini Games

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