Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme (BISES)

Bises Self Exclusion Scheme

As entertaining as wagering on bingo is, it can also draw you in and make you lose control, which is why responsible gambling tools are of the utmost importance. The Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme (BISES) is the leading tool in the bingo industry for self-exclusion options thanks to its detailed approach, which we cover in this post.

What Does the Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme Offer?

The Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme (BISES) is a program that exists to help bingo gamblers in the UK protect themselves from overspending at land-based bingo establishments. Once you register for this self-exclusion program, you will be added to the BISES system that all licensed bingo operators can access.

The self-exclusion period depends entirely on you, so you won’t end up with a period that is too long or too brief for your needs. To activate this scheme, you will need to contact any of the licensed bingo operators yourself so that you are certain you are making the right decision.

How to Activate the Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme

Registering with the BISES is fairly simple and straightforward. The process is made accessible to players of all ages and backgrounds. Of course, to simplify it further for you, we created a guide containing each necessary step.

  1. Contact a licensed land-based casino in person, via phone, or through its website.
  2. Go through an interview with the platform so that you understand the consequences and requirements.
  3. Choose a self-exclusion period you feel is right for you.
  4. Sign a digital self-exclusion form.
  5. Provide a digital image of yourself.
  6. The operator will add you to the national BISES database.

BISES vs GamStop: A Comparison

Both the Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme and GamStop are top-tier player protection measures that guarantee your responsible gambling through self-exclusion. Knowing their differences can help you decide which is the better fit for you.

While BISES is aimed exclusively at land-based bingo premises, GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme that prevents you from accessing all gambling sites, including online casinos and sportsbooks. Of course, that can’t stop you from accessing an online casino not with GamStop, if you choose to do that.

That said, GamStop’s influence is completely online-based, which means it does not affect the land-based gambling operators in the UK. You can spot another significant difference between the two in the duration of the self-exclusion they offer.

BISES lets you choose the period, whereas GamStop gives you 3 fixed options – 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Finally, GamStop is based online, including its registration, which you can complete on the GamStop website for free in just a few minutes.

On the other hand, the BISES registration process requires you to go through any land-based bingo operators and complete an extensive interview before activating it.

Advantages of Using BISES

BISES is designed to help you gamble responsibly and ensure betting on bingo games is a fun hobby and not a habit you have no control over, so there are quite a few benefits from it. Here are the advantages that we consider to be the most prominent.

  • All licensed land-based bingo operators are included.
  • You choose the self-exclusion period.
  • The operator has to explain the self-exclusion consequences before you sign up.
  • Strict data protection policy.

FAQ About the Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme

What is the Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme period?

While the default self-exclusion period that most players opt for is 6 months, BISES allows you to set the exclusion time yourself. So, if you feel that a year of self-exclusion or more would be a better solution, you can choose that.

Can I deactivate the BISES self-exclusion before it ends?

Not with the current setup of this service. BISES is built to protect you for a particular period of time, and deactivating it before that time runs out would defeat its purpose. Luckily, you can adjust the self-exclusion period according to your needs.

How much does BISES self-exclusion cost?

It doesn’t cost anything! The main goal of this scheme is to keep UK punters safe when betting on bingo at land-based operators, which is why it is accessible to everybody. You don’t need to pay anything to activate it.

Can I use BISES outside of the UK?

No, you can not. The Bingo Industry Self-Exclusion Scheme applies only to land-based bingo operators licensed by the UKGC, meaning it has no influence outside these bingo halls. If you reside outside the UK, you must look for other options.

Can I play non GamStop bingo if I am on BISES?

Yes. You can play non GamStop bingo while being on BISES for two reasons. First, many bingo halls on the internet are not registered with the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. Secondly, BISES only works for land-based bingo rooms and does not affect online bingo players.

Can I extend the self-exclusion period?

Absolutely! Once the self-exclusion period starts, you might find yourself thinking about extending it, which is definitely an option with BISES. All you need to do is contact a licensed land-based bingo operator and ask for an extension of the self-exclusion period.

Alternative Responsible Gambling Services for UK Players

BISES is the leading self-exclusion program for bingo players in the UK, but its scope is fairly limited. You can consult our list of responsible gambling alternatives if you want to cover more betting platforms and premises.