BetKnowMore Gambling Support and Training

BetKnowMore Gambling Support and Training

Gambling in the UK affects over 1 million people annually based on the most recent surveys, which means that the need for a responsible gambling organisation such as BetKnowMore is more important than ever. This company’s main goal is to counsel people with gambling addiction and help them on the road to recovery, which we explore in detail in this article.

What is BetKnowMore

BetKnowMore is a charity organisation whose main goal is to reduce the harm from gambling in UK communities. The in-house experts provide access to professional support and training services based on lived experience with gambling. From community hubs with outreach services to training programmes for suicide prevention – BetKnowMore covers everything.

What Services Does BetKnowMore Provide

This organisation provides multiple gambling harm-reduction services aimed at people going through a gambling issue and those around them who are affected in some way. To explore what each service provides you with, take a deep dive with us.

Community Outreach

The outreach service offers access to everything from 1:1 and group activities for individuals to interventions and even group recovery. Whether you are going through it yourself or wish to help someone who is, you can access these services and get help.

Peer Aid

This service relies on shared experience the most. You can rely on people who have already experienced gambling issues similar to yours to guide you through it based on their own personal experience. That is a level of understanding that no medical professional can give you.

New Beginnings

Gambling affects women just as much as it does men, but there are not nearly enough resources aimed at helping women. This service includes extensive research into the effects on women, identifying potential causes, and offering counselling and advice.

Work Safe

Work Safe helps organisations and companies protect their employees from gambling harm while on the clock. It includes workshops for managers, HR professionals, mental health professionals, and Gambling Awareness for the complete staff.

Phase Red

This particular service is designed to help UK punters through the employees of gambling operators. It helps customer support and managerial staff understand suicide, its warning signs, and starting a conversation with an at-risk player.

Safer Gambling Training

This is cutting-edge online training developed by specialists and influenced by lived experience. This service can help gambling providers learn and develop the skills they need to create a safer and more supportive gambling environment for their players.

How to Get Help from BetKnowMore

Whether you are looking for help for yourself or for another person in your circle, BetKnowMore offers you access to extensive advice, services, and research on its website. To get in touch with the employees at BetKnowMore, you can use the organisation’s phone number or email address.

If you need immediate help, you can call the Samaritan Crisis and National Gambling Helplines, which are available 24/7.

Is BetKnowMore Different from GamStop?

BetKnowMore and GamStop are two completely different tools you can use to reduce the harms of gambling. GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme that prevents you from accessing online gambling sites once registered, excluding casinos outside GamStop that bypass this program.

On the other hand, BetKnowMore is an organisation that researches the effects and consequences of gambling and provides you access to dedicated services. Not only are these services available for gamblers and the people close to them, but they also help companies, organisations, and even gambling operators make a safer gambling environment.


Does BetKnowMore provide support to the family members of problem gamblers?

Absolutely! BetKnowMore has a dedicated section titled Help For Someone Else that covers what you can and should be doing. Alongside providing individual support, BetKnowMore offers assistance for friends and family affected by the behaviour of someone with a gambling problem.

Are BetKnowMore's services free of charge?

BetKnowMore is a charity organisation, so most of its services, especially those for gamblers and those close to them, are free. That being said, there are some fees when it comes to specialised counselling for companies, organisations, and gambling operators.

Is BetKnowMore available outside the UK?

BetKnowMore is designed for and aimed at UK players primarily. Of course, there are multiple resources, such as counselling and research services, that you can access and take advantage of from outside of the UK. You can find the available resources on their website.

Other Options for Responsible Gambling for UK Players

BetKnowMore strives to cover and include as many gambling harm reduction services as possible, but it doesn’t cover all of them available in the UK. That is why you should explore more responsible gambling alternatives. We’ve reviewed the best of them already: