BetFilter Review

betfilter review

Even though entertaining and exciting, gambling can turn into a severe problem if you can’t control it. There are many ways for safer gambling. If you notice that they don’t seem to be helping, try restricting yourself with a blocker. Numerous honest BetFilter reviews claim that this software is a great tool for problem gamblers.

This gambling blocking platform will keep offshore and European gambling sites out of reach. It works on desktops and smartphones. Plus, Betfilter comes with a built-in AdBlocker that doesn’t cost you anything. The platform, recognized as an affordable and reliable solution, is even cheaper if you use a Betfilter discount code.

If you believe that Kindred’s software could be the tool you need in your life right now, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have reviewed the platform and provided our honest opinion on its performance. Just scroll down and in the paragraphs below you will:

  • Discover how Betfilter works;
  • Find out a comprehensive list of the platform’s pros and cons;
  • Learn if it’s possible to remove Betfilter;
  • Read about the most popular alternatives to the platform;
  • Find answers to the most common Betfilter FAQs.

How does BetFilter Work?

Betfilter is perfect if you want to block online casinos and bookies not on Gamstop. The tool guarantees discretion and simplicity. Once activated, Betfilter will block only relevant content, and it doesn’t involve keyword blocking.

Thus, you won’t have any issues with sites related to video gaming, for example. All in all, the software simply makes it impossible for you to access destinations that offer iGaming.

Pros of BetFilter

More than 100,000 people have downloaded Betfilter, making it the best-selling gambling blocker on the market. Supporting Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, this is a wholesome solution for anyone. Other strengths of Betfilter include its simplicity and reliability. Removing the platform is impossible unless the restriction period is over. Besides all these benefits of the blocker, there are two other pros we must mention as well.

  • One of the cheapest options. Price always plays a massive role in deciding what product to get. In this regard, Betfilter is among the top choices. Namely, a one-year licence costs $69.95 and covers one Windows or Mac device. Plus, it includes free AdBlocker and mobile apps.
  • Fast support. Gamstop and BetBlock, disappoint users with their support. In contrast, Betfilter provides excellent customer care. Even consumers who have complained about the product have admitted that Betfilter support is prompt. Besides dedicated customer care agents, the product also comes with detailed installation guides. An extensive knowledge base is included too.

Cons of BetFilter

Making a difference isn’t an easy task. Especially not when it comes to tackling problems as serious as a gambling addiction. So, it’s not uncommon for self-restriction platforms to underperform in some areas. Betfilter isn’t different in this regard and does come with several drawbacks. These include tech glitches and, sometimes, slow support.

  • Many issues while using the software. While testing the platform, we didn’t have any problems. Still, there are serious complaints from other users we must address here. More precisely, consumers claim there are lots of issues with the platform. Some of them even discovered that it’s possible to access gambling sites via services like Gmail.
  • Slow customer support. We must mention this, even though we already credited fast support as a BetFilter benefit. Namely, some consumers have complained that the support team hasn’t been as helpful as expected. Others said the customer care was slow or incompetent. On the other hand, Betfilter prides itself on its support team.
  • Bad experience on iPhone and Android. Betfilter doesn’t have the best customer reviews from the UK users. In fact, there are several complaints from users, especially those using mobile apps. Multiple people claimed that the software won’t work on their smartphone, which often leads to relapse. The most common issue seems to be the app crashing the system.

How to Remove Betfilter?

People who want to find loopholes and delete Betfilter tool will have a hard time with the platform. The brand doesn’t support unauthorized uninstallation. Meaning, as long as your licence is active, the platform will block access to all legal platforms and even casino where no ID needed.

Betfilter boasts not using simple third-party blocking solutions, which are easily bypassed. Instead, they invested in creating a tool that operates successfully and without any loopholes.

BetFilter Alternatives

Generally, Betfilter is the right solution for people with gambling addiction. Yet, not everyone finds its functions or price suitable. Therefore, it’s always good to have some other alternatives in mind too. Our team of NonStop as an independent online casino in the United Kingdom has handpicked the best gambling blockers on the market right now. Find out their main strengths and licence cost to see if they would be a better choice for you.

  1. Gamban. Gamban is a blocking tool that offers a free trial to consumers. If you like it, purchase a one-year licence of the software for £24.99. What say all Gamban reviews that it stands out from similar products cause of extensive reach. Users get to block gambling but also other types of content too.
  2. BetBlocker. It seems that BetBlocker is the most popular choice among UK players for several reasons. The platform is entirely free to use and BetBlocker actually operates as a charity. Plus, this isn’t a permanent solution and users can gamble once their restriction expires. BetBlocker comes with parental control too.
  3. Gamblock. An excellent platform for preventing accessing gambling content. Gamblock has a strict policy to shut down your device if you don’t exit an iGaming or betting site. Naturally, such a solution isn’t cheap. In fact, Gamblock’s starting annual price is around £145.
  4. NetNanny. Multifunctional and powerful, NetNanny is an excellent software for blocking gambling content. Admins have all the control here, so make sure someone else manages the platform for you. NetNanny is pricey but it supports numerous devices and has the best filtering tools. The product gives good value for money.

BetFilter FAQs

Is there any Betfilter free trial version?

No, this brand doesn’t offer a free trial or product demo. Potential buyers, however, can see how the platform works by watching the videos provided on the Betfilter website.

How much does it cost?

A one-year licence costs $5.83 per month or a total of $69.95. A two-year subscription comes at a discounted price of $4.95 per month, which adds up to a total of $118.90. Both packages come with free built-in gambling AdBlocker.

What sites can I block with BetFilter?

Betfilter stops and blocks only gambling and betting sites. Meaning, that it won’t interfere with your other online activities, such as playing video games or browsing.