BetBlocker Review

betblocker review

Does this seem like the right time to take a break from gambling? Would you like to use a self-restriction tool that works great but costs nothing? In that case, experts at NonStopCasino have the perfect product for you. We analysed all BetBlocker reviews from trusted sources and personally tested the software. So, we can recommend this gambling blocker to anyone who wants to stay away from iGaming and betting.

BetBlocker works for non Gamstop bookmakers and non UK licensed casinos. It will restrict access to over 6,000 websites. Plus, it lets you add URLs in the database in case an operator slips through the cracks. It’s useful and affordable for anyone. These two strengths make BetBlocker a smart choice for anyone.

If you want to learn more about this iGaming blocking software, read further. In this article, we covered the following key points:
  • How BetBlocker works;
  • An overview of the system’s main advantages and drawbacks;
  • Is it possible to remove the software;
  • Top alternatives to BetBlocker;
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the product.

How does BetBlocker Work?

In its essence, BetBlocker is a simple and user-friendly tool. Users can download it via the official website of the product. Alternatively, the Apple App Store and Google Play feature the native mobile apps of BetBlocker.

Once activated, the system will immediately block gambling sites for free including casinos and bookies. Its database includes over 6,000 online destinations and performs weekly updates. BetBlocker can’t be removed, but it won’t permanently restrict you either.

Pros of BetBlocker

Would you like a free and powerful tool to fight gambling addiction and problem gambling? Well, BetBlocker seems like the perfect choice for you. This platform is easy to use and supports various devices. Users get to install the software as many times as they want. Plus, the product doesn’t involve any frustrating advertisements. It’s just a simple tool for restricting overseas gambling sites with several crucial benefits for users.

  • 100% Free. That’s right. Using BetBlocker is free. No hidden fees, no tricks. In November 2019, BetBlocker was approved as a charity in the UK. The organisation operates on donations and hopes to stay that way forever. The idea behind the project is to offer a charge-free solution to an expensive problem.
  • “Parental Control” Feature. BetBlocker is a two-in-one solution thanks to its Parental Control feature. Admins get to install the software and restrict access to various types of websites. Gambling sites included too. Meaning, parents, partners, or even friends can set this up for you.
  • Not Permanent. Customers at non Gamstop sites complain that the service makes it impossible for them to gamble in the future. This isn’t the case with BetBlocker because the platform isn’t a permanent restriction. On the contrary, users have the freedom to gamble again after their self-exclusion period ends

Cons of BetBlocker

Unfortunately, like many other free products, BetBlocker could improve. Customers, even though generally happy with the solution, have reported glitches with the platform. For example, iOS users have complained that the app restricted some legit websites besides gambling content. A Trustpilot consumer stated the software was effortlessly removed. Plus, they claimed it interfered with their smartphone too.

  • Demo Version = Issues. Problems with the demo version aren’t unseen either. The product hit the market very recently, especially mobile apps. As a result, there were reports of the application crashing or blocking smartphones. Still, the team behind BetBlocker constantly updates the tool and removes any reported issues by customers of international and best online casinos in Europe.
  • Free Version = Slow Customer Service. Being free means having limited funding. So, there isn’t enough money for BetBlocker to hire a large team of customer care agents. This leads to slow support, which is another problem with the solution. Yet, BetBlocker still remains a product of great value as it doesn’t cost anything.

How to Remove BetBlocker?

Just like users can’t uninstall Gamblock software, they can’t remove BetBlocker either. Once activated, the platform cannot be stopped. Plus, this solution goes a step further by keeping the ban into place even after the self-exclusion period ends.

Still, this applies only to those who take a break of at least two months. Gamblers who have self-excluded themselves from licensed and no verification casinos forever will have an active restriction for at least five years.

BetBlocker Alternatives

Considering that BetBlocker is free and efficient, it’s hard to find an excellent alternative to it. Still, our experts have tested several other platforms anyway. We tried well-established options like NetNanny alongside specialized solutions like Gamban. Scroll down and see whether any of the alternatives seems like a better tool compared to BetBlocker.

  1. Gamban. If you want to test how self-exclusion tools work, subscribe for a 14-day free trial of Gamban. This is the only software with a free trial and a reasonable annual starting price of £24.99. Gamban lets users block many types of sites, including cryptocurrency and trading destinations.
  2. Gamblock. Anyone trying to access gambling content with Gamblock software on their device will get 60 seconds to exit the destination. Otherwise, the software will shut down the machine and prevent you from relapsing. Gamblock comes at about £145 per year, meaning it’s not cheap. Users have complained about slow support.
  3. BetFilter. The starting price of BetFilter is $69.95, making the product a pricey one. The main strengths of this gambling blocker are its accessibility, strictness, and AdBlocker. Namely, players can activate BetFilter on both desktop and mobile devices within seconds. Plus, you’ll never be bothered with lucrative casino offers again.
  4. NetNanny. This is the most popular parental control software on the market. In all NetNanny reviews, people say that it also comes with a content blocker and top-quality filtering tools too. The system works on a range of devices but isn’t cheap. Its basic package begins at $39.99 per year and covers a single gadget only.

BetBlocker FAQs

How long can I self-exclude myself?

BetBlocker offers many options in this regard. Users can self-exclude for several hours or days. They also get to restrict their access to gambling content for one or more years and even forever.

How much does it cost?

The best thing about this gambling blocker is that you get it for free. Just download the software and activate it. You will never have to pay for anything.

What sites can I block with BetBlocker?

As a self-restriction tool, BetBlocker automatically blocks your access to over 6,000 gambling websites. Plus, users have the option to exclude other sites, too. They can do this by adding URLs to the platform.