Bacta Self-Exclusion Scheme

Bacta Self Exclusion Scheme

Gambling can be an incredibly entertaining way to pass the time, but it can also lead you down a rabbit hole of problem gambling, as is the case with around 2 million UK bettors, according to the UKGC. That is why self-exclusion schemes like Bacta are the key difference between responsible and irresponsible wagering habits. In this post, we explore thoroughly what Bacta offers and how to activate it.

What Does Bacta Self-Exclusion Provide?

Bacta is a self-exclusion scheme designed solely to prevent you from playing at land-based gambling establishments. You can only activate this self-exclusion program in person by talking to the staff at one of these gaming centres.

The Bacta self-exclusion program is based on your geolocation, preventing you from accessing all centres within a 1-mile radius of the one you activated the self-exclusion in. If you feel that the 1-mile radius scope is too narrow, you can always broaden it by contacting Bacta customer support.

While the default and minimum self-exclusion period you can activate is 6 months, you can go up to 12 months if you choose. To register for this self-exclusion scheme, you just need to visit an adult gambling centre that the UKGC licences and ask a staff member to start the process for you.

Registering & Activating Bacta

Bacta is easily accessible and incredibly player-friendly, regardless of your previous experience with it or similar self-exclusion tools. We created this brief guide to clarify the registration and activation process.

  1. Go to a licensed land-based adult gambling centre
  2. Speak to an employee and ask for the self-exclusion scheme
  3. Answer the employee’s questions about your personal information and self-exclusion decision
  4. Consent to your personal details being used to exclude you
  5. Allow the employees to take your photograph so that you aren’t able to enter the centre
  6. Choose a self-exclusion period

If you prefer not to go to an adult gaming centre, you can do all of this over the phone, though you must verify your identity first.

The Main Differences Between Bacta and GamStop

Bacta is a self-exclusion program focusing solely on licensed, land-based gaming centres across the UK. This scheme has a self-exclusion period between 6 and 12 months, and you can only activate it by contacting a given gaming centre personally.

On the other hand, GamStop is an online self-exclusion scheme that you can register with through its website. This program prevents you from accessing all licensed gambling platforms, except for non-GamStop casinos, which aren’t in its scope of brands. GamStop has absolutely no power of self-exclusion over land-based casinos.

Advantages of Bacta

Bacta is a service that offers many benefits to land-based players, including a self-exclusion scheme, training modules, and age verification. You can access Bacta via its website or the dedicated mobile app and utilise the following benefits to improve your gambling experience.

  • Full mobile accessibility
  • Customer interaction recording solution
  • Geolocation-based self-exclusion
  • Flexibility in the self-exclusion period
  • Responsible gambling training modules

FAQ About Bacta Self-Exclusion

How long is the Bacta self-exclusion period?

The Bacta self-exclusion period can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on your choice when signing up for it. Make sure to consider the consequences before opting for a specific time frame because you can’t make any changes once you activate it.

Can I end my Bacta self-exclusion before it expires?

No. Bacta is designed to protect you from gambling harm at adult gaming centres, and as such, cannot be deactivated before the period you chose expires. Once that period runs out, you have to request it to end, or it will continue for 6 more months.

How much does Bacta self-exclusion cost?

It doesn’t cost anything! Bacta self-exclusion is free of charge, making it equally accessible to all UK punters. Your only obligation is to contact an employee at an adult gaming establishment and make arrangements regarding the timespan before you activate the self-exclusion.

Can I use Bacta outside of the UK?

Not with its current setup. Bacta is a self-exclusion scheme that only prevents you from accessing land-based gaming venues in the United Kingdom. If you find yourself outside the country, you must look for another self-exclusion service. Only UK-based residents can sign up for Bacta.

Can I extend my Bacta self-exclusion?

Most definitely! Whatever timeframe you choose for your original self-exclusion period, Bacta will extend it for 6 months unless you request otherwise. In addition to that, you can always request a self-exclusion extension while your original self-exclusion is still active.

More Responsible Gambling Schemes for UK Players

This self-exclusion scheme prevents you from accessing land-based adult gaming centres and offers online training, but that’s all it does. For additional responsible gambling coverage, you can look at these alternatives.